Friday, June 29, 2007

I Am Legend

I came about reading this book in a roundabout way. I was perusing movie trailers on and saw that a new Will Smith movie was coming out. When I clicked on it, the trailer wouldn't work for whatever reason, so I googled the title to find a working trailer. On, it had a trailer and a description of the movie, saying it was based on a book by Richard Matheson. I watched the trailer, found it to be delightfully spooky and decided I needed to read the book. It's a post-apocalyptic vampire thriller. I'm always a fan of vampires. I thought it was a suspenseful page-turner, packing a wallop at a mere 150 pages. This book was written in the 50s and you can tell by some of the language he uses and some of the slightly silly science he concocts. The main character's psychological state is a big part of the book too, which made me sit and wonder how I would handle being the last person on earth. Build a fortress and fight to the end? Give up and die? I don't know. All in all, I read the book in just a few hours and enjoyed it.


  1. It sounds great. Thanks for the blog

  2. I will have to read it. Love your blogs!!

  3. I saw the trailer too - holy interesting! I wondered what the "you're not alone" factor was. Good ol' vampires.

    Good to know it's a book too.