Sunday, June 3, 2007

For Sale Magic Kingdom-Stinks!

Can I tell you how much I didn't like this book? And I like fantasy novels! I like dragons and wizards and what-have-you. But I thought this entire book was written like Terry Brooks expected a producer to buy the rights and make it into a movie within five minutes of publishing it. I was so disappointed. I read another book of his, "Running with the Demon" and thought it was exciting and fun. This book I finished merely because I wanted to know what he ended up doing with the characters. But I thought the love story was contrived, the climax not very climactic, and the whole magic kingdom kind of dumb. Oh well, only a waste of a few hours of my life.


  1. I felt the same way when I read it. If you read the Sword of Shanara you'll find that Brooks mostly just wants to jump on the epic fantasy bandwagon. Read the summary on his site and tell me that's not a warmed over Tolkien rip-off

    After Shanara, I have low expectations for anything worth while from Brooks.

  2. Yes, well, Mike warned me that Sword of Shanara stunk, but I forged ahead anyway. I paid for it, too.