Monday, June 23, 2008

The Grip of the Shadow Plague

If you haven't yet started the Fablehaven series, I don't know what to tell you. Haven't you heard how much I like it? I've only mentioned it several times on this blog. Okay, three times might not qualify as several, but I like Brandon Mull's books. Ha! Look! Four links to Brandon Mull references. That's several, right?

I finished the latest of the Fablehaven books, "The Grip of the Shadow Plague" last week and it was fabulous. My best friend politely listened to me whine about having to wait for my turn with a copy from the library and then promptly sent me her copy in the mail. Isn't that what best friends are for? Putting up with whiners? Coincidentally, it arrived at the same time as my library copy did. Heh heh. Now my hubby and I could both read at the same time. Except he hasn't started yet. I might have to leave it on his pillow at night to encourage him. Read it, darnit!


  1. I think you have the potential of being a very dangerous friend. Because of you, I've become to addicted to all sorts of things: blogging, SFG, and now Fablehaven. I'm just lucky you are so wholesome or your powers of persuasion could be be too much for me. ;)
    Thank you for introducing me to so many wonderful new experiences. I've only read the first Fablehaven so far, but the other two are on my holds list so I'm anxiously, not too patiently, waiting.

  2. Maybe Mike is trying to be practical -- because once you start it's so hard to stop. I almost finished the book in one sitting.

    Also, I didn't hear any whining -- it just seemed like torture to have to wait three weeks for this book. And I do not believe in torture. So I had to act--and I'm not sorry.

  3. Libby has learned not to let me know when books are in. I abandoned my responsibilities to finish all three Fablehaven books this last (3-day) weekend.

    If I had know F:GotSP had only come out in April and have to wait a year to read the next book, I might have paced myself.

  4. Good thing I'm sure that you'll still be my friend even though I've never read Fablehaven.... I still love to read your reviews about how much you liked it though!