Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Top 100 Children's Novels

Recently I found myself eagerly checking the School Library Journal's blog every single day.  They had called for librarians, writers, readers and all who were interested to rate their top ten children's novels of all time.  There was a system of how many points a book got according to its placement on each person's list.  I'm glad I'm not the one who had to figure it all out, instead I just got to read and enjoy.  Now I'm going to make it even easier on you and tell you to click here to see the complete list.

I was delighted to find that the list split equally among books I'd never read or never heard of, books I love and cherish and own, and books I remember reading at some point but don't own.  I would have shuffled some of the order of the books to suit my preferences, but in general it was pretty close to what I consider the best.  I've put some of the books I'd like to own on my Amazon wish list and will now have Christmas present ideas for a few years.

If ever you find yourself in need of a good book for you or your kids to read, hop over to the list and see what might fit.  I might have my kids work their way through the list over the summer, now that I think about it.  Maybe I will too.


  1. I have just been perusing those sites. I've read many of those books too--I had forgotten about lots of them and it was nice to be reminded. I'm excited to add them to my library list. I know Anya will enjoy them too.

  2. Awesome, Jenny, Thanks! I have been wondering how to satisfy Adalyn's reading desire with some good books, because I read the same ones over and over when I was a kid and she's already devoured them. I'll be bookmarking this one!

  3. That's a great list, although I think the Ramona books belong much closer to the top. And I own a lot of those books, thanks to Christina and her book orders. There are a bunch there I've been meaning to read, and now I remember I wanted to read them. Thanks for letting us know about these lists.

  4. Good list, though I have a few criticisms:

    First off, if this is for Chapter books for under 13 year-olds, then the later Potter books should not be on it. Which is probably why Goblet_of_Fire (my favorite of the series) is so low - some people followed the rules. And why should Potter get 6 of 7 on the list when better series (Narnia, Green Gables, Swiftly Tilting Planet) only get one mention?

    Second, Percy Jackson should not be below 50 if on the list at all.

  5. This was a fun list and perfect timing! I think I'll use it for our summer reading list, too.