Monday, November 2, 2009

A midnight book release party

Last week I went to my first ever midnight book release party. Ironically, I didn't even care about the book. It was the final book in the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time series. I have not read any of Robert Jordan, and have no desire to. But because this book was written by Brandon Sanderson and he was attending the book release, my sister convinced me to go and get some books signed by him.

It was fun, though the activities meant nothing to me since I haven't read the Jordan books. People kept handing out stickers that would make the other fans laugh, but meant nothing to me. But for the sake of any Jordan fans reading this, one said, "Bela is a Darkfriend," and the other said, "I killed Asmodean." No idea what they meant, but I still think the Wheel of Time logo looks like Mickey Mouse. And after looking at the cover art for those books, I have a new appreciation for the cover art of Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy. I'm not a big fan of the Mistborn cover art, but by comparison the childish illustrations used for the Wheel of Time series make Mistborn look like fine art!

It was fun to meet Brandon Sanderson. He was very gracious and flattered that we would have stood in line just for him. I had a chance to thank him for answering our questions for the blog a little while back. Overall he seemed like a very nice guy who is not too full of himself, which impresses me even more than his amazing talent. I wish him all the best success, especially with the publication of this most recent monumental work. That's a huge responsibility to finish the work of another author and try to be true to what came before while still exercising your own creativity. And with such potential of alienating die-hard fans, it's not a risk to be taken lightly! So I hope for his sake that it's well-received. Because knowing his other work, I'm pretty sure that it'll be the best of the series!

But having said that, I just have to ask, what is the deal with fantasy fans?? Do they not realize that they are perpetuating a horrible stereotype that keeps them marginalized and less respected than the genre deserves? Standing in line for two hours with all these hard core fantasy fans just about did me in. Holy lack of personal hygiene! I don't know when the last time was I've been so entrenched in B.O. Come on, do you really think that voluminous cloak is going to mask the fact that you forgot to put on deodorant for the day? For goodness sake, take a shower, brush your teeth, get a haircut, and if you're a girl put on a little make-up, and then maybe there would be less of a "freak" stigma! I just don't get it. I enjoy a good fantasy, but never to the point that I would sacrifice my personal dignity for it. Ewwww.

Overall it was a fun night, even though I didn't care a snitch for the book that all the hullabaloo was about. It did make me sad that I never made it to a release party for a book I cared about, like the last Harry Potter book. Now, that would have been an event I could have gotten into! But don't worry, I would have brushed my teeth before I left the house.


  1. Holy cow, it is so true. And Wheel of Time fans are crazy as loons. That said, I'm married to a hardcore Wheel of Time fan who is eagerly waiting for his copy to come in the mail and he smells very nice and brushes his teeth. I think it's probably the people who dress up and show up in their stinky glory to release parties that encourage the stigma.

    I've read the Wheel of Time series but I can't remember a single thing from it, so you're not missing much. Reading the last book will be like reading a Klingon dictionary without the English translation. It'll be awesome.

    Isn't Sanderson nice? So grounded. Hope he stays that way as he starts to make some serious money.

  2. I have enjoyed reading the WOT series, but the only reason I picked it up was because Brandon was writing the last book (now 3). I am a big time fantasy fan, but I assure you I shower daily. :) My copy of Gathering Storm arrived yesterday but I grit my teeth and I hid it in my closet because I have no time to read it this week. Now that's will power. :) I have heard REALLY good things about it. Among them, comments about how it is better than anything Robert Jordan could have done on his own.

  3. I read The Gathering Storm about a month ago and I have say, it was awesome. I'm a lukewarm Robert Jordan fan, but having his story taken up by Sanderson turned it into something amazing. I didn't miss out from remembering next to nothing about the other books. I might blog about it one of these days.