Monday, October 22, 2007

Writing Motherhood

Sometimes I have a hard time with non-fiction books because there's no compelling finish that I'm racing towards. But "Writing Motherhood: Tapping Into Your Creativity as a Mother and a Writer" by Lisa Garrigues was so well-written that I found myself savoring each chapter instead of inhaling the pages, like I usually do with a fiction book. I would read a chapter and then sit and think about it for twenty minutes. Or I'd start to read and then just sit there and think instead of reading. Not typical behavior for me. This book is a great guide to writing well, writing more, and writing with a purpose. I'm not looking to become a professional writer and she's not gearing this book towards that. It's about channeling your creativity through writing and focusing that writing on motherhood. Since mothering is an all-encompassing task for me right now, I found this book to be a great help. She makes it sound so easy, so worthwhile and fulfilling! I always thought that my creativity will always and forever be expressed through music, but now that I don't have many musical outlets, I'm craving another venue. Mrs. Garrigues gives so many helpful exercises, writing starts and ways to get the muse fueled. Reading this book was like taking a writing class. I'm going to read it again and this time, try all the exercises, or "invitations" as she calls them. This book would be a great one to read for mothers of any age to find a way to express themselves.


  1. I copy/pasted the title and author in and put it on my wish list there. They have a place where you can read part of the book, which I did and realized from the first part of this book that is what I have already done. That makes me feel better, since my children are all grown up and on their own.

  2. Part of what she talks about is that motherhood is a topic to write about at all ages. She had students in her class that were 75 years old who had plenty to write about. So you're not done! :)

  3. You are amazing Jenny. I just pretend at writing, but I really enjoy reading what you write and I would even if I didn't know you. You're a very engaging writer and I can't wait to keep reading as you get "better."